How to create a Git Project in Eclipse (Step-by-step)


  • You must have Git installed on your device.
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Steps to create a Git Project in Eclipse IDE

  1. Open your Eclipse Workspace.
  2. Create a New Java Project.
    Create new Java Project Eclipse
  3. Add your Project Name and hit next,
    Click Next
  4. Click Finish to create the Project,
    Click Finish Eclipse
  5. Now go to Menu -> Navigate -> Show in -> Terminal,
    Show in Terminal
  6. Now run the git init to create the .git repository locally, make sure to run this command from your project folder,
    Run git init in Eclipse Terminal
  7. Now go to Menu -> Navigate -> Show in -> Git Repositories,
    Eclipse - Navigate - Show in - Git Repositories
  8. Select Add to existing local git repository,
    Add to existing local git repo
  9. Search and select the Git repository we just created from your local file system,
    Add Git Repo
  10. That's it! You should now see that your project is a Git project and have all Git Commands available under Teams
Now your project is a Git Project

The demo is based on Mac running Eclipse version 2022-12, but this should work on Windows, Linux, and most of the versions.

Do let me know if it worked, or if you know of any other way to do the same more quickly!

Happy Coding!

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