How to Configure GitHub with Eclipse IDE in 2023

It's the year 2023 and most of the details on how to Configure GitHub with Eclipse IDE are outdated. This article is to demonstrate how to setup GitHub with Eclipse.


  • Have the latest version go Eclipse IDE installed (latest ver 2012-12) on your Windows/Mac/Linux.
  • A active GitHub Account with a repository.
  • You should have an active GitHub token generated: Steps to Generate Tocken

Steps to Configure GitHub with Eclipse

  1. Open Eclipse,
  2. Right click inside Package Explorer -> Import...
    Eclipse Package Explorer Import
  3. Expand Git -> Project from Git...
    Project from Git
  4. Select a location of Git Repositories -> Clone URI
    Clone URI
  5. Copy the Project you want to Clone from GitHub Website.
    Copy Git URI from GitHub
  6. Now paste the URI on the "Import Projects from Git" Window.
  7. Under Authentication add your GitHub username and your Access Token, Click Next
  8. On the Branch Selection window, select the branch you want to clone from the remote repository.
    Select GitHub Branch
  9. You will get a window "Secure Storage - Password Hint Needed" A master password was created in Eclipse Secure Storage. If you ever need to recover your password, you need a password hint. Do you want to provide a password hint? Add details for a password hint.
    Secure Storage - Password Hint Needed Window
    Password Recovery
  10. On Select a wizard to use for importing projects screen: Select the wizard as per your project type,
    • Import existing Eclipse projects
    • Import using the New Project wizard (for Maven/Gradle Projects)
    • Import as general project
Cloning GitHub Repo in Eclipse

Finally, you should see your project in Eclipse and should able to Push code to origin without any issues.

Proof of Github config with Eclipse via a Push

Facing issues? Have Questions? Post them here! I am happy to answer!

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