SharePoint list excel import error - Title is a required filed and can't be empty


You receive error while creating custom List using Excel spreadsheet using SharePoint Online Modern interface.
Error occurs when you upload a file from device or choose file already on site, on the screen which says 'Check the column types below and choose a new type if the current selection is incorrect'.

Title is a required filed and can't be empty.


Lists have Title column as mandatory. The Title is clickable link which takes you to the list item details by opening the display form. Though you are allowed to select any column type, try keeping it as single line of text.
This error occurs when the excel column/header which is selected as Title contains empty entry.


Make sure your excel data is correct and in the format that SharePoint expects -
  1. Does not contain blank rows.
  2. More importantly, the column which you select as Title should not have blank cells/entries.
  3. Title is always mandatory, so you cannot have blank values here.
  4. Fix all blank entries in excel (for Title column) and re upload.

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