How to open Notepad?

There are multiple ways you can open Notepad - the default pre-installed text editor on Windows Operating System. Let's see how,

1. Using Keyboard Shortcut

  1. Press Windows + R buttons on your keyboard, this should open Run
  2. Now type notepad
  3. This should open Notepad applciation.
Opening Notepad Using Run
Opening Notepad Using Run

✋️ I really prefer this option as this would work regardless of the version of Windows you are using be it XP, Windows 7, Windows 10 or any Windows Server.

2. Using Windows 10 Search

  1. Press Keys Windows + S, this will open Windows Search textbox which would say "Type here to search"
  2. Just type notepad
  3. You should see Notepad icon.
  4. Double click or press Enter to open Notepad.

3. Using CMD command

  1. One CMD (Command Prompt)
  2. Just type notepad
  3. Type Notepad
  4. You should be able to see the Notepad App icon, click on it or press enter to open it.
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