How to activate and use Microsoft Teams Together mode

Microsoft keeps rolling out new features to its collaboration app Teams, and the recent one has been the "Together Mode". This new feature has turned out to be a hit during the COVID-19 pandemic situation, where everyone is working remotely and team work is virtual. Together mode ensures everyone is united in a virtual space as if in a theater instead of being separated in boxes.

New features are rolled out gradually and you should see in available for your tenant soon.

Teams Together Mode.png
Teams Together Mode - reference photo from Microsoft Tech Community

The Together mode takes help of AI segmentation technology, which digitally places the meeting participants side-by-side with a common background. Teams provides handful of ready background effects which can be used for video conferences, additionally you can also use your own custom background, provided its in supported .JPG, .PNG or .BMP file format.

Together mode gives unique and personal feel to meetings. Participants feel more relaxed and attentive to one colleagues with increased engagement. They tend to be more focused on faces and body language, resulting in better interaction. Video conference meetings become more effective as people can connect better with each other.

How to use Together Mode in Microsoft Teams

  1. Start your meeting or one-to-one video call.
  2. Click More Options (the 3 dots ... to expand choices).
  3. Click Together Mode.
  4. Select background of your choice.
  5. Click apply and enjoy.
Together Mode.PNG

There are many more features planned for Microsoft Teams and you can have a look at it here - Microsoft 365 Roadmap - Microsoft Teams.

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