Display (Show) bookmarks bar Safari

Bookmarks bar is really a handy place to manage your day-to-day URLs, you can sort them in folders and it really makes life easy when you work with a lot of projects and their various documentation links.

If you are using the Safari web browser on Mac and want to enable the bookmarks bar below the address bar, you can do it by following the below steps,

  1. Make sure you are on Safari App,
  2. Now from the Safari menu go to View,
  3. Click on Show Favorites Bar
  4. You should now see the bar just blow the address bar
Safari display Favorites Bar
Show Safar Favorites Bar

✌️You can also use the keyboard shortcut: ⌘ Command + ⇧ Shift + B to enable or show the Favorites bar.

As you must have realized Safari calls Address bar as Smart Search Filed and the Bookmarks bar as Favorites bar, there is a difference between Bookmarks and Favorites when it comes to Safari vs Chrome!

You can also go to Menu: Bookmarks -> Show Bookmarks - this will slide a panel at the left side where you will see all your favorites link and folders as well as bookmarks

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