How to Create a File using PowerShell on Mac

We can create a file in PowerShell using the Out-File cmdlet from the Microsoft.PowerShell.Utility module.


   [-FilePath] <string>
   [[-Encoding] <Encoding>]
   [-Width <int>]
   [-InputObject <psobject>]

Example 1: One-Liner - Create a blank csv file

Out-File -FilePath "~/Desktop/data.csv"

Example 2: One-Liner - Create a Text file and write to it

PS> "Write to file!" | Out-File -FilePath "~/Desktop/message.txt" -Encoding utf8
Create a File using PowerShell on Mac

Example 3: One-Liner - Create a file using PowerShell Script

$file = "~/Desktop/data.csv"

"1,Sam,2000" | Out-File -FilePath $file -Encoding utf8

Note: You can also make use of the New-Item cmdlet to create a empty file.


New-Item -Path myfile.txt -ItemType File

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