How to upgrade PowerShell on Mac

Upgrade PowerShell on Mac
Upgrade PowerShell on Mac
A new PowerShell stable release is available: v7.2.2 
Upgrade now, or check out the release page at:    

You might see information like above when a new version of PowerShell is available on Mac, in order to update it, you need to run the update command with brew the package manager that you must have used to install PowerShell,

% brew update powershell

==> Upgrading 1 outdated package:
powershell 7.2.1 -> 7.2.2
==> Upgrading powershell
==> Caveats
To use Homebrew in PowerShell, set:

All formula dependencies satisfied.
==> Uninstalling packages; your password may be necessary:
==> Running installer for powershell; your password may be necessary.
Package installers may write to any location; options such as `--appdir` are ignored.
installer: Package name is PowerShell - 7.2.2
installer: Installing at base path /
installer: The install was successful.
==> Purging files for version 7.2.1 of Cask powershell
🍺  powershell was successfully upgraded!
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