Help or Man equivalent in PowerShell

man, help or a ? are the most common options you may find on Windows, macOS, or Linux environments to find help or a manual about various tools or commands for an application. If you are using PowerShell and wondering what is the equivalent of this command, well its a cmdlet named Get-Help.

As you may have already guessed, every command in PowerShell starts with a verb like GET- or a SET-, so is for the help command.

Let us see a few examples:

PS /Users/c2ctech> GET-Help Get-Date


    Get-Date [[-Date] <datetime>] [-Year <int>] [-Month <int>] [-Day <int>] [-Hour <int>] [-Minute <int>] [-Second <int>] 
    [-Millisecond <int>] [-DisplayHint {Date | Time | DateTime}] [-Format <string>] [-AsUTC] [<CommonParameters>]
Get-Help Command for Help for PowerShell on Mac

Note: You may see the below remark when you try to get help (especially if using pwsh on Linux or macOS).

REMARKS Get-Help cannot find the Help files for this cmdlet on this computer. It is displaying only partial help.
-- To download and install Help files for the module that includes this cmdlet, use Update-Help.
-- To view the Help topic for this cmdlet online, type: "Get-Help Invoke-History -Online" or
go to

One best way to get more details is to make use of the -Online flag.

PS> Get-Help Get-Date -Online

This will open up your default web browser and display the online help page for the command.

PowerShell Online Help Page using Command on Mac

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