How to install pip with Python 3.X

If you want to install pip using Python version 3.x, the first thing to make sure is that you have Python3 installed on your device.

To do that check the version command on your console/terminal.

python3 --version

Python 3.11.4

As you can see Python 3 is already installed on my system.

Now we are good to install pip. Follow the below steps.

Step 1: Download the script

You will find the script at

Step 2: Run the script

Make sure you are in the same folder/directory where you have downloaded the script.

macOS/Linux Terminal:
Windows CMD/PowerShell:

There are other ways as well to install pip/pip3 for Pyhton 3.

Using apt-get module

apt-get install python3-pip

Note: You may require to use sudo

Note: If you have Python 3.4.x or above, you should have pip installed by default.

Read more: PEP 453: Explicit Bootstrapping of PIP in Python Installations Bootstrapping pip By Default

install pip with Pyhton3

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