How to install Postman natively on a Mac

Installing Postman on the Mac
  1. Visit: from your Mac device and you should see the download link for the Postmap app for Apple Mac,
  2. You may see the warning,
    Do you want to allow downloads on “”?
    You can change which websites can download files in Websites Preferences.
    , you can click on Allow,
  3. Once the app dmg file is download, you can go to your download directory and double click on the App Icon,
    Download Postman App on Mac
    Download Postman App on Mac
  4. Installation Warning
    Installation Warning
    You will again see an installation warning about "are you sure you want to open this the file downloaded from the internet" click on open,
  5. Now you would get a prompt to move the Postman app to the Applications folder, it's recommended to do that,
    Move to Applications Folder?
    I can move myself to the Applications folder if you'd like. This will ensure that future updates will be installed correctly.
    Select, Move to Applications Folder

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