How to remove blank lines from a file using Notepad++

Notepad++ is a very powerful text editor for Windows OS, removing blank lines is one of the most common use cases that one may come across on day-to-day work. Notepad++ is very handy in doing so, you really do not need to know any Regular Expressions to do so, few button clicks can do your work.

Let's see some ways in which you can do this,

  1. Using Edit -> Line Operations
  2. Open your file in the Editor and got to Menu : Edit -> Line Operations -> Remove Empty Lines

  3. Using Regular Expression
  4. We can use the Find and Replace option with regular express to remove empty lines

    • Press Ctrl + F to open Find dialog, move to Replace tab
    • Change the Search Mode as Extended (\n,\r,\t,\0,\x ...)
    • Now,
      Find : \r\n
      Replace with blank
  5. Using TextFX Tools
    • Select the text content.
    • Goto Menu : TextFX -> TextFX Edit -> Delete Blank Lines
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