Remove Apps from Dock when Quit [Mac Ventura]

You may have noticed, when you Close or Quit an App on your Mac device they stay on the Dock. This is the default behavior of macOS Ventura (and the older versions Catalina, Big Sur, Mojave and so no)

App on Dock when it is in use has a dot below it
Image 1: App on Dock when it is in use has a indicator dot below it

Quit the App Option on Mac Dock
Image 2: Quit the App Option on Mac Dock

Dot below the App disappears when App is Quit
Image 3: Indicator Dot below the App disappears when App is Quit

If you want the App icons to disappear from the Dock when you close them then you can do that on macOS Ventura by clicking on the Apple Menu  and selecting System Settings... -> Desktop & Dock and disable "Show recent applications in Dock"

Remove App from Dock when Quit on Mac Dock Setting

Step by Step: Disable "Show recent applications in Dock"

  1. Click on the Apple Logo on the Mac Menu Bar ,
  2. Select System Settings...,
  3. Now from the left side bar select Desktop & Dock,
  4. Turn Off - "Show recent applications in Dock"
  5. Close Settings App.

Now as soon as you Quit an App the icon will disappear from the Dock.

✏️ Cool Tip: Press Command ⌘ + Q button to Close and Quit the App

✋️ If you are on macOS below Ventura 13, the System Settings is called as System Preferences -> Dock -> Show recent applications in Dock.


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