How to Kill Terminal Process in Mac

If you want to terminate the process for Mac Terminal, you can make use of the ps command first to identify the Process ID and then use the kill command to terminate.

Step 1: Look for the PID of Terminal

ps aux | grep Terminal

c2ctech 30238 1.9 0.8 409516704 70944 ?? S 10:18AM 0:00.73 /System/Applications/Utilities/
c2ctech 30300 0.0 0.0 408626944 1360 s000 R+ 10:19AM 0:00.00 grep Terminal

Step 2: Kill the Terminal Process

kill <process-id>
kill 30238 

Note: This will close (kill) all the open Terminal windows on your Mac.

Kill Mac Terminal Process

Make use of kill -9 command to force kill.


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