How to Show Commit Date in Eclipse Git History Details

Eclipse Commit history Committed Date Format

When you see the Git history for a project in Eclipse IDE (via right-click on Project -> Teams -> Show in History) you get details of all your commits with a Committed Date which displays the dates as relative,

Relative Example:
65 minutes ago
6 days ago
8 weeks ago
9 weeks ago
4 months ago
2 years ago

If you want to see the exact date and time (timestamp) of the commits, follow the below steps.

  1. Be on the history view window
  2. Now click on the 3 dots,
  3. Select Show -> Relative Dates (make sure its unticked)
    Untick Relative Date Eclipse History
  4. Commit Date and Time should now be shown instead of relative dates.
Commit date and time now visible in eclipse history

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