[fix] How to Show file extensions on all files on Mac

Show files extensions Mac

Many times you might want to know if the image is a .jpg, .png, or a file extension just before opening it.

By default macOS does not show the extensions of the files, you may have to right-click on a file and click on More Info if you want to know the extension on a specific file.

Show file extenstions on all files macOS

Steps Show Extensions on All fines on Mac

  • Open Finder,
  • Click on Finder Menu: Preferences...*,
  • Now go to Advanced tab,
  • Chck "Show all filename extensions"

* You would see the Preferences option on macOS Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey, this has changed to Settings... from macOS Ventura onwards.

All files in Finder as well as on the Mac Desktop will show the extensions along with the file name.


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