Change TextEdit File Encoding

By default the saving and opening file encoding is automatic for TextEdit.

If you will to change the default encoding you can do that by going to Settings/Preferences and Open and Save tab,

  1. Open TextEdit app on Mac,
  2. Now go to Menu: TextEdit -> Preferences (Settings if on macOS Ventura or above)
    TextEdit Settings or Preferences
  3. Now select Open and Save tab,
  4. Now click on the drop-down next to Opening/Saving files and choose from,
    Unicode (UTF-16)
    Unicode (UTF-8)
    Western (Mac OS Roman)
    Western (Windows Latin 1)
    Japanese (Mac OS)
    Japanese (Shift JIS)
    Traditional Chinese (Mac OS)
    Korean (Mac OS)
    Simplified Chinese (Mac OS)
    Chinese (GB 18030)
    Customise Encodings List...
    Save File Encoding Options

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