Add Sketch from iPhone to MacBook with macOS Monterey


Though the above sketch may not look so appealing, do you know this was quickly drawn on my iPhone 13 running iOS 15.4 from a request that initiated it from my Macbook Pro running macOS Monterey!

Apple recently added a feature that lets you take photos, sketches, or even scan documents by a request that can be sent from your macOS by control-clicking (right click) on your desktop and selecting "import from iPhone" -> "Add Sketch"

macOS Monterey Add Sketch from iPhone Feature

This should unlock your iPhone and make use of the draw option to do a quick sketch or take down notes on your iPad and share it quickly by clicking done, the sketch will be stored on your Mac desktop with the name "Sketch.png", as this is a PNG image you can use it to even do a signature that can be used with your documents that requires it.

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