How to Show Path of Files or App in Mac Spotlight Search

By default when you search in the Mac Spotlight Search, you would see that you could only see the file names or the app names, and no details about where they are located.

If you want to know the file/app path as well you would need to make use of the Command โŒ˜ button as described in the below steps,

  1. Open Spotlight Search on your Mac (press F4 on if on Macbook and using a Mac Keyboard)
  2. Now Search for the file or app you are looking for,
  3. Use the down arrow to select your file and press and hold Command โŒ˜ button for a few seconds.
  4. This should now also show the path where the file is located.

Below is a GIF image to demonstrate the same.

Mac Spotlight Search Show File Path
Before pressing Command Key:
Example - App does not show path on macOS

After pressing Command Key:
After Pressing Command - Path of File or App is visible
The above demo is based on M2 Macbook Air running macOS Ventura.

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