How to Launch Terminal App in Mac

Terminal App is the most used utility app on the Mac, if you are looking for ways to quickly launch this app, you can try the below options.

Using the Spotlight Search

    Simply Press F4 Key on your Macbook or the Apple Keyboard, This will open Spotlight Search where you can type Terminal and open it.

    Open Terminal App using Spotlight Search

    You can also make use of the Command ⌘ + Spacebar keys to open Spotlight Search.

Using the Finder App

    Open the Finder App from the Dock, and click on Applications and move to Utilities folder and Open Terminal.

    Terminal App Location in Mac

Create your own custom Shortcut to Open Terminal

    As you may have seen all the above ways require multiple steps, the quickest way can be to create a custom shortcut for yourself. You can do that by going to Apple Menu -> System Settings... (Preferences if on macOS below Ventura) and going to Keyboard and selecting Keyboard Shortcuts... and create a new shortcut under App Shortcuts to open Terminal.

    Shortcut to Open Mac Terminal

Crazy it may sound! But you can make use of Siri to open Terminal as well - "Hey Siri! Open Terminal App"

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