Fixing Android unknown error 961 while downloading app

You may have got this error message "unknown error 961" while you were downloading or installing an app on your device.

Cause :

This issue is faced due to some issues caused by Google Play Store App during downloading, installing or updating an App.

How to fix this issue :

  1. Go to Setting app,
  2. Now move to Apps
  3. Now look for Google Play Store
  4. Now under Storage you would see Clear Data, Click on it.
  5. Also you would see Cache : Click on Clear Cache.

Now just try downloading and installing the app again, you should not face any issue, but if you do then follow the below steps,

  1. Go to Setting app,
  2. Now move to Apps
  3. Go to All and Clear the cache.
  4. Go to Account and Sync and remove all synced accounts.
  5. Now open Google Play and Re configure you ID.

This should resolve the issue.

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