[fix] White Screen when open Teams on Windows

Microsoft Teams White Blank Screen issue

If you are seeing just a white screen, or a white window when you open Microsoft Teams on your Windows Computer, well there could be multiple reasons for it, let us take a look at some ways to fix this issue.

The first thing you should do is make sure you are able to access teams on some other device, such as your mobile phone, and also check by logging into teams from the web browser.

Teams Online Link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-teams/log-in

If that works, let's take a look at troubleshooting this issue,

  1. Open Task Manager and kill the Microsoft Teams process.
  2. Now press Windows + R and type %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams and press enter,
  3. Go to Application Cache -> Cache and remove all files.
  4. In a similar way delete all the files from the below folders,
    • blob_storage
    • GPUcache
    • IndexedDB
    • databases
    • temp
  5. Now start your Teams, you may be asked to login in again, after login it should work again.

If the above steps do not work, try to reinstall Teams on your computer.

Still you have issues, it is better to reach out to your Organisation's IT Team, or School IT Admin to look at the issue.

Facing issues? Have Questions? Post them here! I am happy to answer!

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