Github: fatal: Authentication failed Support for password was removed on August 13, 2021

% git push       
Password for '': 
remote: Support for password authentication was removed on August 13, 2021.
remote: Please see
for information on currently recommended modes of authentication.
fatal: Authentication failed for ''

If you were trying to push a branch up to origin GitHub and you received, the above error when you were asked to authenticate with a password, then it's most likely that your Personal access tokens has expired.

  1. Login to your GitHub profile,
  2. Go to Settings -> Developers Settings,
  3. Now checkout Personal access tokens and see if your token has expired,
  4. If yes create a new one.
  5. And start using it instead: Set new Token using command line.
GitHub expired Personal access tokens

As the page states: ✏️ Personal access tokens function like ordinary OAuth access tokens. They can be used instead of a password for Git over HTTPS, or can be used to authenticate to the API over Basic Authentication.

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