[Solution] fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

If you try to run a git command to add a file to stage area or commit your current state files into your local branch on the terminal and you get the fatal error "not a git repository",

  • The most likely reason is that you are not in a git directory, do a pwd and confirm.
  • If this is supposed to be a new repository, then go a git init to initialize the directory as a git repo.
  • Check if the directory has a .git folder in it (ls -la).
  • If this directory you are in is supposed to be a new git project then run git init
Git fatal - not a git repository

As you may see in the above screenshot when I did a git add, I got the fatal error saying the current directory is not a git repository, when I did a ls -la, there is not .git folder, and for me, it was supposed to be a new git repo, so I did git init and then tried the git add command and it worked like a charm.

Happy coding!

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