Best Free Gif screen capture app now available for M1 Chip Mac - LICECap

I have been using the LICECap App for recording screens on Apple's Mac Computers and Laptops for over a decade now! Without any doubt, it is the best Application for screen recording as a gif image, and yes it's free!

When I got my M1 MacBook, I started looking for all the necessary applications and I downloaded the LICECap App as well but unfortunately, it was broken for the M1 Mac as most of the other applications due to the ARM Chip! But the good news is that Cockos Inc has now released version v1.31 for macOS that has native support for M1 Mac

Download Link:

LICEcap v1.32 for macOS (Jun 8 2022) (876kb DMG)

LICEcap v1.31 for macOS (Feb 17 2021) (876kb DMG)
macOS: Big Sur support (thanks
macOS: Apple Silicon (M1) native support
macOS: now requires macOS 10.7 or later (10.6 users can use v1.30 for eternity)

The latest version 1.31 adds support to macOS Big Sur and you would require to be on macOS 1.7 (Mac OS X Lion) or higher.

Some features of LICECap Screen Capture App

- LICEcap is released under GPL, a free software, download pkg includes the source. 
- You can record screens and save them as .gif or .lcf
- You can adjust the frame to adjust the screen size/window you want to capture.
- One great feature is you can also move the frame while you are recording.
- You can Pause and restart the recording, with optional inserted text messages.
- You can use Keyboard Keys Shift + Space to Pause/Unpause a recording.
- You can add a title that is shown at the beginning of the Gif.
- You can add elapsed time that is shown in the Gif at the bottom right.
- You can also record mouse clicks.
- You can adjust recording frame rates.
- The installation is less than 1 MB!


Demo - LICECap macOS Screen Recording as gif
Demo -LICECap macOS Screen Recording as gif

Github repo:

✌️LICECap is also available for Windows Operating System.

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