Stop Automatic Opening of Music App on Mac when I connect Earphones

If I connect my wireless Bluetooth earphones to my Macbook to watch something on Youtube or Netflix, to listen to music on Spotify, or either to attend an office meeting, whatever be the case, every time the Apple Music App opens up, which is not really what I was looking for.

Apple Music Apps Opening up when Earphones connected

Not just on the Dock, but the Music App Window popped up on top of your screen which can be distracting especially if you use another music service app like Amazon Music or Amazon Prime.

Though I am on the latest version of macOS - Ventura 13.0, there is no still no way I could find in the Music App Settings that could disable this behavior, nor you can delete the app as you can by clicking the X button after a long press on the app icon.

Workarounds to stop Apple Music from automatically opening when earbuds are connected

Install noTunes App

This application prevents iTunes or Apple Music from launching when Bluetooth headphones reconnect.

Github Link:

You can also get it installed quickly using homebrew,

brew install --cask notunes

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