Install Native M1/M2 Apple Silicon based IntelliJ IDEA IDE on Mac

As the market for Apple Silicon M1/M2 ARM-based chips grows, we will see most of the popular software being made available for them.

If you are a software developer who makes use of IDEA IntelliJ for day-to-day software development and work on an M1/M2 Mac device (Macbook/iMac/Mini), it is better to use the native Apple Silicon version of the IntelliJ IDE.

How to get the Apple Silicon-based IDEA IntelliJ IDE

  1. On the web-browser go to
  2. Now select among the Ultimate or Community edition under macOS tab,
  3. Instead of clicking on download click on .dmg and should see two options .dmg(Intel) and .dmg (Apple Silicon), select Apple Silicon,
  4. You should get a arrch64.dmg setup file downloaded.
IntelliJ IDEA dmg for Apple Silicon Option

Install IDEA IntelliJ using Brew Cask

Another quick way to get the native Apple silicon-based setup for IntelliJ is using the brek package manager for macOS.

Run the below command from the terminal,

% brew install --cask intellij-idea

==> Downloading
==> Downloading from


Note: Requires macOS High Sierra (10.13) or higher

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