How to uninstall pip Python packages

Have you installed a Python module/package using the pip command and wondering how you can remove the package, well here is how you can do that,

Uninstalling/Removing Python packages/modules using pip command

  1. Open Terminal if using macOS or Command Prompt (CMD) if using Windows,
  2. Say you want to delete the requests module, type pip install requests
  3. You may see a set to confirm: Proceed (y/n)? press y and enter.
  4. That's it! the python package is removed!

Syntax: pip uninstall package-name

C:\Users> pip uninstall requests

Found existing installation: requests 2.24.0
Uninstalling requests-2.24.0:
  Would remove:

Proceed (y/n)? y

Successfully uninstalled requests-2.24.0

Let's validate, try running the command again, you should see something like this,

C:\Users> pip uninstall requests
WARNING: Skipping requests as it is not installed.
pip unistall package

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