Save a Notepad file as Microsoft Excel file

If you want to save a file in Notepad (or Notepad++ or any other text editor) as a Microsoft Excel file that has to be a .csv extension (Comma Separated File)

To make sure columns are separate from each other you would have to make use of commas and to separate lines make use of the Enter key (adds a new line)

SrNo, Name, Age
1, Sam, 20
2, Alex, 21
3, Sandra, 21
4, Mike, 20

The first line (optional) could be the header.

Make sure to save this file as filename.csv (select save as file: All types, or save the file within double quotes example: "myfile.csv")

Save the file as Excel using Notepad
Microsoft Excel File Preview

Though .xls and .xlsx are the file types primarily associated with Microsoft Excel, CSV should be by default be opened with Excel Application


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