Fix Power BI error Access to the resource is forbidden when connecting SharePoint Online List as data source

You receive Power BI error "Access to the resource is forbidden" when connecting to SharePoint Online List as a Data Source.
Basic steps performed, Power BI desktop --> Get Data --> Online Service --> SharePoint Online List --> Site URL --> Click OK.

If you receive error "The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found", refer here to fix.

⚠️ Clicking on Retry results in the same error.
⚠️ Clear permissions does not help.
⚠️ Re entering the password does not help.
Power BI error - Access forbidden.PNG
Power BI error - Access forbidden
Unable to connect

We encountered an error while trying to connect.

Details: "Access to the resource is forbidden".

⛏️ How to fix Power BI access to resource forbidden error ?

The error occurs due to wrong Credential Type used, Anonymous by default. You need to use Organizational Microsoft Account for SharePoint Online.
  1. Click 'Cancel' to exit the screen.
  2. From the Ribbon, click "Edit Queries" --> "Data source settings".
  3. Power BI - Data Source settings.PNG
    Power BI - Data Source settings
  4. Select your site and click Edit Permissions --> Edit.
  5. Power BI - Data Source settings permissions.PNG
    Power BI - Data Source settings permissions
  6. Select Microsoft account.
  7. Set Privacy level - Organizational.
  8. Sign in with your organizational Microsoft Office 365 account.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Click OK.
  11. Click Close.
  12. Resubmit the URL in the connection and you should see the SharePoint site lists in the Navigator.
  13. Power BI - Load Transform SharePoint List data.png
    Power BI - Load Transform SharePoint List data
You may use similar troubleshooting for querying other type of data source in Power BI report.
Clear permissions and try with above steps, this helps when there is a cache issues or password change issue.
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