Meaning of [::-1] in Python Slicing

The [::-1] can be used in Python as a concept of slicing with strings, lists or tuples, before you know what it is let's take a look at the slicing syntax.

ParameterDescriptionDefault Value
startStarting index of the slice (inclusive)0
endEnding index of the slice (exclusive)Length of sequence
stepStep size between elements in the slice1

Now let's take an example of [::-1] with string



Result ==> nhoJ


sequence[::-1]Reversed sequenceReturns a new sequence with items in reverse order.

Now let's see an example with a list

numbers = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

reversed_numbers = numbers[::-1]



Conclusion: tl;dr

[::-1] reverses the sliced string, list or tuple!

Example of colon colon -1 slicing in Python

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