Setting up Cloud feature with Notepad++

Notepad++ is the first choice for developers among the other text-editors that are available in the market. Being lightweight, ability to work with multiple files at a time, handling large files for editing, syntax highlighting for almost all known and unknown programming languages are some of its key features. Plugins are readily available from the Plugins Manager.

Dropbox Cloud Linking with Notepad++
Dropbox Cloud Linking with Notepad++

In this world of Apps everything is moving on the cloud. Using Cloud for storage makes data accessible anywhere and on any device may it be a Mac, Windows PC, Mobile phone or a Tablet.

The Latest Version of Notepad++ now has an option to work on files stored on Cloud. You can set-up Cloud for Notepad by Going to Menu : Settings -> Preferences -> Cloud

For now, you can link any form the following cloud options
  1. Google Drive
  2. Dropbox
  3. OneDrive

Note: If you do not have any of these Cloud Clients installed on your Windows Operating System then you may not be able to use it, So you need to have a particular Cloud Drive setup installed.

Make sure that you restart Notepad++ after Cloud Client being installed and even after linking it.

Now if you see your Dropbox folder you may find a Notepad++ folder with following files,

  • Backup (folder)
  • config.xml
  • contextMenu.xml
  • langs.xml
  • shortcuts.xml
  • stylers.xml

⛏️ Note : By default only Notepad++ Settings will be saved to Dropbox. If you want your documents to be also saved then you must drop them to the shared drive folder.

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