How to Undo-Revert Sent Email in Google Gmail

Oops! I just Clicked Send Mail button in Gmail before the drafting was complete!! What should i do now!

Well, this happens to most of us may a times. We just click the send mail Button in and hurry and wonder if it can be undone!

Yes it is possible in Gmail using the Undo Send feature in Google Labs.

Click on Setting Gear Icon in Gmail

  • Click on Setting Gear Icon in Gmail
  • Select the Labs option and Search "Undo Send" and Enable it
  • Save Changes

Now try to Send an Email to see if we can revert it back. As we click the send button we get a Notification on the top saying "Your Message has been send Undo View Message".

When you Click on the Undo link, the email is successfully reverted and we get a notification saying "Sending Message has been undone!"

Note : You can Undo the send email only if fews sec's have passed-by after the Send button being Clicked!

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