Show CPU and Memory Usage on macOS Menu Bar

There are many apps and plugins available for macOS that can help you display the CPU and Memory usage details on the Apple Menu Bar, one of them is iGlance:

iGlance is a system monitor that displays current stats about your Mac on the menu bar. This tool is very customizable and you can enable or disable what you want to see on the menu bar based on your needs.

Features as listed on their Github page:

- Display CPU utilization as a graph
- Read CPU temperature
- Monitor memory usage
- Monitor network usage
- Monitor fan speed
- Low and/or high battery notification at custom thresholds
- App adjusts to light & dark mode

How to install iGlance

iGlance can be easily installed using brew package installer.

brew install --cask iglance
CPU and Memory details
CPU and Memory details

Note - The CPU temperature seems to be not supported on M1 Macs yet. I see it displayed as -1 degree

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