How to update Python Version on Mac (macOS)

If you have a Mac device that's running on macOS, you would already be shipped with Python preinstalled.

To check which version you have, all you need to do is open Terminal application and run the below command to know the version.

python --version

Python 2.8.1

If you have a newer version of macOS, then you will need to make use of python3 command or else you will get the error "zsh: command not found: python".

python3 --version

Python 3.11.4

List of Python Versions shipped with Macs

macOS Sonoma (14.x): Python 3.9.6
macOS Ventura (13.x): Python 3.9.6
macOS Monterey (12.x): Python 2.1.18 and Python 3.8.9
macOS Big Sur (11.x): Python 3.8.x
macOS Catalina (10.15): Python 2.7.x and Python 3.7.x
macOS Mojave (10.14): Python 2.7.x and Python 3.7.x
macOS High Sierra (10.13): Python 2.7.x and Python 3.6.x
macOS Sierra (10.12): Python 2.7.x and Python 3.5.x
OS X El Capitan (10.11): Python 2.7.x and Python 3.5.x
OS X Yosemite (10.10): Python 2.7.x and Python 3.4.x
OS X Mavericks (10.9): Python 2.7.x and Python 3.3.x
OS X Mountain Lion (10.8): Python 2.7.x and Python 2.6.x
OS X Lion (10.7): Python 2.7.x and Python 2.6.x
OS X Snow Leopard (10.6): Python 2.6.x
know python version macOS

To update the version of Python, all you need to do is visit the official website for Python:

Download the latest version for Python on macOS

This will download the latest version of .pkg file that you can double-click to open and install using the instructions.

Using Homebrew

One other way to get the latest version of Python is by using the package manager homebrew.

How to install homebrew on macOS: Link

Just run the below command in Terminal
brew install python

Note: You need not need to worry about the installation based on Intel/M1/M2 chip, brew will take care of it.

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