How to Prevent Mac from sleeping

If you want to prevent your Mac from sleeping, i.e. moving out of energy saver mode and turning off the screen when your Mac is idle, you can try the below steps.

Steps: For macOS Ventura 13.x or above

  1. Click on the Apple Logo  on the Menu bar.
  2. Select System Settings...
  3. Select Lock Screen from the sidebar.
  4. Select Never for "Turn display off on battery when inactive"

    You will see a warning: Never letting your display go to sleep may shorten its life.

  5. Also, select never for "Turn display off on power adapter when inactive"
  6. Thats it!
Prevent Mac from sleeping macOS Ventura

Steps: For macOS Monterey 12.x or below

  1. Click on the Apple Logo on the Mac Menu bar.
  2. Select "System Preferences.."
  3. Now select "Energy Saver"
  4. In the Energy Saver preferences, you'll see two tabs: "Battery" and "Power Adapter".
  5. For the "Battery" tab: Move the "Turn display off after" slider to "Never".
  6. For the "Power Adapter" set "Put hard disks to sleep when possible" sliders to "Never".
  7. Lastly uncheck "Enable Power Nap".

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