How to Go To /usr/local/bin on Mac Terminal?

/usr/local/bin is the location where the third-party programs and executable files land up. You will find, Python, Ruby, Java, Golang, Rust, and all kind of executables here.

It could be so that you are new to Mac and wondering how to access the /usr/local/bin location using the Terminal. Well, we take a look at it with some very simple steps.

Step 1: Open Terminal

    Press F4 Key on your Macbook or iMac Keyboard, or press Command + Spacebar to open up Spotlight Search.

    Now type Terminal and open it.

    Open Terminal App using Spotlight Search Mac

Step 2: Navigate to usr/local/bin using cd command

    Now in Terminal, simply type cd /usr/local/bin, this will lead you to this folder.

    Navigate to user:local:bin in Mac Terminal

A most common error that people make is they forget to add the leading slash / which denotes that the usr directory is at the root of the file-system. This results in an error as below.

Code2care@Mac % cd usr/local/bin 

cd: no such file or directory: usr/local/bin

Facing issues? Have Questions? Post them here! I am happy to answer!

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