Disable Apps from Opening on Mac Startup (Login items)

Certain apps may get launched and started when you restart your Mac running macOS, if you do not want one of these apps to load on startup then you can disable them by going into Login Items from Settings application.

Let us take a step-by-step look at how to disable apps on startup,

List of Login Items on macOS Ventura
  1. Click on the Apple Logo on the Menu bar ,
  2. Now select System Preferences (Settings if on macOS Ventura or higher)
  3. Go to General from the sidebar and select Login Items,
  4. Under Open at Login, select the item you do not want to open at login and click on the - (minus) button.
  5. That should be it!

Now the App that you removed will not automatically open when you log in to your Mac device.

Note: If you are facing a blank blue screen at startup or other problems, it may be due to a login item. You can troubleshoot by removing such items following the above steps and restarting your Mac to see if it fixes the issue..


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