[Solution] IDEA IntelliJ System.out.println function shortcut (sysout alternative for eclipse IDE)

If you have been using the Eclipse IDE for Java Programming and now started using IDEA IntelliJ, you surely would be wondering what is the shortcut for System.out.printlln() function here!

There is no doubt System.out.println function is the most used one (at least while writing draft code or students learning the language)


You have to use sout instead of systout as compared to Eclipse in IntelliJ.

Start typing sout and press enter
Start typing sout and press enter
System.out.println displayed on the line
System.out.println displayed on the line

You can also try shortcuts for other System.out methods from below list:

- sout: Prints a string to System.out
- souf: Prints a formatted string to System.out 
- soutm: Prints current class and method names to System.out
- soutp: Prints method parameter names and values to System.out
- soutv: Prints a value to System.out

✏️ You can also make use of the tab key after typing sout to replace it with System.out.println

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