How to refresh Safari on Mac (macOS) using keyboard shortcut

If you are familiar with Windows Operating System then F5 Function Key is used to refresh a webpage in a browser, but if you press the F5 key it will either start dictation or have no effect on Safari, that's because you are using a whole different ecosystem.

To refresh a webpage in Safari for Mac (macOS) all you need to do is press "⌘ Command + R" key, it is called the "Reload Page" action. You can find the same option under Safari menu options as well,

  1. Make sure you are on Safari App,
  2. Go to Safari Menu bar and click on View,
  3. Now click on Reload Page
  4. The page will get refreshed!

You can also click on a refresh icon that you will see on the right side of the address bar as shown below image,

Safari refresh page option

You can also use the mouse option, just be on the page and do a right-click and select

  • Using Keyboard Shortcut: ⌘ Command + R
  • Using Safari Menu Option: View -> Reload Page
  • Using just the Mouse: Right click -> Reload Page
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