Git Remove Untracked Files using Command

In order to remove untracked files in Git make use of the git clean command with -i option for interactive mode.

% git clean -i -f

Would remove the following item:
*** Commands ***
    1: clean          
    2: filter by pattern
    3: select by numbers
    4: ask each
    5: quit
    6: help
What now> 1
Removing .temp
Removing index.html
Git Remove Untracked Files using Command
Some Options:
-i (--interactive) --> Interactive Mode
-f (--force) --> Force
-d --> Include directories
-n (--dry-run) --> dry run
-q (--quiet) only report if errors

This is not an AI-generated article but is demonstrated by a human on an M1 Mac running macOS Ventura 13.

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