[Tutorial] Install Python on Visual Studio Code (VS Code)

This Tutorial should not take more than 10 minutes to follow and complete.

In this Tutorial, we will see step-by-step how to install Python on Visual Studio Code and execute the "Hello World" program to test!

Step 1: Prerequisites

  • Make sure you have Python 3 Installed on your device.
  • Make sure you have Visual Studio Code Installed on your device (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Tutorial: Installing Python using Brew

Step 2: Downloading VS Code Python Extension

  • Open VS Code,
  • Now Open Palette using Keyboard shortcuts:

    For Windows: Ctrl + Shift + P
    For Mac: ⌘ Command + Shift + P

  • Now Type and select > Extensions: Install Extensions
  • Now Search for Python and click install.
    Install Python Extenstion on VS Code
  • And you are all set to get started with Python Programming in VS Code!

Step 3: Testing using Hello Python! Program

  • From the Menu select File -> New File
  • Wirte print("Hello Python!")
  • Save the file as "hello.py"
  • You will see an alert "Do you want to install the recommended extensions for Python?" click Install
    Do you want to install the recommended extensions for Python
  • Go to your hello.py file and you should see a execute button at the top (as shown in the image), click on it
  • You should see Hello Python! on Console!
Hello World Example using Python on VS Code
Congratulations! You have installed Python on VS Code and ran the "hello world!" example!

Facing issues? Have Questions? Post them here! I am happy to answer!

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