How to create SharePoint Document Library

What is a SharePoint Document Library?

A SharePoint Document Library is a container for storing and accessing files. A library can be considered as a top level folder.
Document Management (DMS) is the core feature of SharePoint, for storing and organizing content. Libraries play a vital role here and help in collaboration.

SharePoint document library
SharePoint document library
A Library has below features -
  1. Storage - Store and organize files and folders. All type of files can be stored here - MS Office files, pdf, zip, emails, images, etc.
  2. Structure - Organize files into folders and sub folders.
  3. Metadata properties - Create Site Columns to associate additional properties and tags with files.
  4. Document Types - Create Content Types to define different set of properties to be attached to a document.
  5. Co authoring - Allows multiple users to work on a file together.
  6. Versioning - Maintain versions every time users edit a file, you can even restore older version.
  7. Check in / Check out - Lock a document while editing so other users cannot modify it.
  8. Permissions - Manage permissions for the entire library or individual file/folders (read, write, edit, download, approve). You can create custom access combination depending on the need.
  9. Download - Allow or restrict downloading of files.
  10. Views - Setup views to summarize list of files and properties. Additionally, you can sort, filter and group the files.
  11. Alerts - Setup alerts on actions like file added, modified, deleted, etc.
  12. Web and Mobile access - Access from anywhere using browser, mobile app.
  13. Sharing - Share files with internal and external users with defined access.
  14. Offline Access - Sync with OneDrive to access the files offline without internet connection. Changes and updates sync automatically when there is an active internet connection.
  15. Copy/Move file - Copy or move files to a different SharePoint library or folder.
  16. Integrate with external platforms - Integrate with other platforms by using REST API and Bearer Token (with client Id and client secret). Read more here.
The list goes long, let us see how to create a document library.

Steps to create a SharePoint Document Library

You can create a document library in multiple ways.

1. From SharePoint site home page

  1. Navigate to the site home page.
  2. Click "New" option from the Ribbon.
  3. Click "Document Library".
  4. Create document library - 1
    Create document library - 1
  5. This will open a pane on the right side of the screen asking for details.
  6. Name - provide a name for the library
    Description - describe the purpose of library
    Show in site navigation - select to show library in quick launch
    Create document library - 2
    Create document library - 2
  7. Click Create.
  8. Now the library is created and you can find it under Site Contents.

2. From SharePoint Site contents

  1. Click Settings --> Site contents.
  2. From the Ribbon, click New --> Document library.
  3. Follow the same steps to create library.

3. Sharepoint App

  1. From Site Home page or Site contents --> click New in Ribbon --> click App.
  2. Click Document library.
  3. Follow the same steps.


Use REST API with .Net code, Spfx, jQuery AJAX function, or from any other language like JAVA/Python to create a document library.
This is a powerful option for developers who understand REST but not SharePoint.

5. Net Code

Use Client Side code (using client dll) or REST API with .Net code.
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