zsh: command not found: cls macOS Big Sur

zsh command not found error
zsh command not found error

If you see the above response if you tried running the cls command on macOS terminal on Big Sur zsh shell, well you just ran a Windows command on macOS! CLS: Clear Screen is a Window's command prompt command, you need to use the equivalent clear command instead|.

code2care@mac ~ % cls
zsh: command not found: cls
code2care@mac ~ % 

code2care@mac ~ % clear

code2care@mac ~ % man clear

clear(1)                        clear(1)

       clear - clear the terminal screen


       clear clears your screen if  this
       is  possible.   It  looks  in the
       environment for the terminal type
       and then in the terminfo database
       to figure out how  to  clear  the

       clear  ignores  any  command-line
       parameters that may be present.

       tput(1), terminfo(5)
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