How to display Line Number in Eclipse IDE

By default when you install and launch Eclipse IDE and you create or open a file in it, you should be able to see the line numbers at the right side of each line in the file - at the gutter area, if for any reason you are unable to see the line number, you can try the below steps to enable them,

If you are using Eclipse on Windows Operating System: Go to Windows β†’ Preference β†’ General β†’ Editors β†’Text Editors, now check the checkbox against "Show line numbers"

If you are on macOS then there is a slight variation,

  1. Open Eclipse,
  2. Go to Eclipse β†’ Preference..,
  3. Go to General β†’ Editors,
  4. Go to Text Editors,
  5. Check - "Show line numbers"
  6. Click Apply & Close
Show line Numbers in Eclipse
Show line Numbers in Eclipse

As you can see in the below image, line numbers are visible in eclipse,

Line Numbers as displayed
Line Numbers as displayed

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