Convert String into DateTime in Python

In order to convert a string into datetime you will need to import the DateTime module.

from datetime import datetime

Next, let's create a string variable that contains the date in any valid date format.

str_date = "2023-03-07 01:30:00"

Next, we need to create a format string for the DateTime format that we are dealing with here, the following table is really handy for decoding the date format into the respective format string. I will highly recommend you bookmark this page.

Date/Time format string Description Example
%Y 4-digit year 2023
%m 2-digit month 03
%d 2-digit day 07
%H 24-hour hour 01
%M minute 30
%S second 00
%f microsecond 000000
%j day of the year 066
%U week number of the year (Sunday as the 1st day of the week) 09
%W week number of the year (Monday as the 1st day of the week) 10
%a Abbreviated Weekday Name Tue
%A Full Weekday Name Friday
%b Abbreviated Month Name Mar
%B Full Month Name March
%c local date and time representation Mon Mar 7 01:30:00 2023
%p AM or PM PM
%x Local Date Representation 03/07/23
%X Local Time Representation 01:30:00

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So, our date time format string is as below based on the table,

date_format_str = "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"

We will make use of the method strptime() from datetime module to get the DateTime object.


datetime.strptime(str_date, date_format_str)

Complete Python Code Example:
 Converting Python String 
 into DateTime Object
from datetime import datetime

str_date = "2023-03-07 01:30:00"
date_format_str = "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"

datetime_object = datetime.strptime(str_date, date_format_str)


2023-03-07 01:30:00

Converting Python String into DateTime Object

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