Steps to Compare Two files in Sublime Text Side-by-Side

Example - Compare two files side-by-side in Sublime Text Editor

If you want to compare two files in Sublime Text Editor, you will need to get a plugin installed,


  1. Open Sublime Text and Open Command Palatte.. to install the package,

  2. Type: Install Package to open Package Control and look for: Compare Side-By-Side, and get it installed,
    Compare Side-by-Side plugin for Sublime Text
    Compare Side-by-Side plugin for Sublime Text

  3. Open both the files in Sublime Text,

  4. Now Open Command Palatte again and type Compare with,

  5. Now both the files will be compared side-by-side and displayed in a new window.

✏️ You can use the keyboard shortcut: Command + Shift + P on macOS or Control + Shift + P on Windows to open Command Palette.

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