How to display File CR LF Newline Characters in Sublime Text

CR, LF, or CRLF are the EOL (End Of Line) Characters or Newline characters that are displayed (hidden) at the end of each line of a file, it may vary depending upon on what Operating System this file was created or what EOL Char Encoding was used.

If you are using Sublime Text Editor to work with such files and wondering how to see these EOL characters, well it does not have an option to display the EOL characters out of the box - you would require to install a package like - RawLineEdit

  1. Open the File in Sublime Editor,
  2. Make sure you have installed the package RawLineEdit,
  3. Now press: Command (Control for Windows) + Shift + P and type Raw Line Edit: View Line Ending,
  4. Note this will work only for saved file and not a unsaved tab with some text in it,
  5. You sould see and new section that shows the line ending character details.
Display CR LF or CRFL EOL Characters in Sublime Text Editor
Display CR LF or CRFL EOL Characters in Sublime Text Editor
Raw Line Edit Package
Raw Line Edit Package

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