Command: How to scp a file to remote server location?

If you want to SCP a file from your local system to a remote server location you can do that by running the below command in your Terminal,

scp <local-file-path> remote_user@remote_server_ip:<remote_directory_path>
  • scp: Secure Copy is a command-line utility that allows you to securely copy files and directories between two locations.
  • local-file-path: Name a absolute path of the file you want to upload from local system.
  • remote_user: Remote server username.
  • remote_server_ip: IP address or domain detail of the remote server.
  • remote_directory_path: Path at the remote server where you want to transfer the file to.


scp /user/c2c/documents/myFile.txt ubuntu@ /usr/myDir/

✌️Make sure you provide correct paths based on Windows/Unix/Mac server/local systems.

scp a file to remote server location
scp a file to remote server location

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