[Solution] Spring Tool Suite (STS) support for JSP (JAVA EE)

If you try to create a JSP page in your eclipse project using Spring Tool Suite and you do not see the JSP file type, you anyway create the file, you will not get the default template of intelligence support because STS does not ship Eclipse Java EE Developer Tools by default, you will need to get it downloaded and installed from the Eclipse Marketpalce.

  1. Go to Eclipse
  2. Go to Help -> Eclipse Marketplace...
  3. Search for "Eclipse Enterprise Java and Web Developer Tools" and click on install,
  4. Accept the terms and install the plugins
  5. Once the installation is complete, you should be able to see jsp option and code syntax highliting.
Eclipse Enterprise Java and Web Developer Tools STS
Eclipse Enterprise Java and Web Developer Tools STS

You will get access to JSF, JSP, Java Servlet, Java Web Servers, tag libraries Java Enterprise server, Servlet Container, Java Application launching, and debugging. Includes the JSP, HTML, CSS, and JSON Editors, and the XML, XML Schema, XML Stylesheet, and DTD Editors from the Eclipse Web Tools

Read: https://mattermost.eclipse.org/eclipse/channels/webtools

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